Signal Vs Noise

Posted on Sat 14 November 2020 in productivity • Tagged with management, information

Signal Vs Noise

One responsibility of engineers & especially leads is managing many channels of signals : emails, blog posts (internal and external), tags , push notifications, group chats, alerts from dashboards and more.

These signals tend to scale exponentially to the number of projects & people that you are responsible for.

Quickly you'll need to set up a system to make sure that you are receiving high-signal information and filtering out low-signal noise. How do you do that?

For each channel, it's important to set up and continuously refine filters that matter to you.

Each system typically has filtering that can be configured …

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Being Scientific with Gists : The Sharable Laboratory

Posted on Tue 09 April 2019 in productivity

Next time you create a post with code snippets--like here on or stackoverflow--consider sharing a working and buildable gist along with it. By doing so, others can clone, reproduce your results, and commit new variants much more easily.

With the process below, your gist becomes a sharable laboratory. Since the gist contains all of the code variants and test cases, any team member can create a variant and run the tests against all existing variants.

In the examples below, we were discussing performance differences between short Perl & Golang snippets, presumably doing the same thing. The original variant had …

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