WSL2 Backup to OneDrive Cloud

Posted on Wed 31 January 2024 in windows • Tagged with linux, vm, development

WSL2 provides great disk performance, but it requires storing the files separately in a virtual disk that is not accessible by OneDrive. WSL2 can be backed up with wsl --export Debian to a VHD or TGZ, but that is a complete disk backup of 20gb or more -- not scalable for hourly backups.

With this approach, we use Windows Task Scheduler to trigger robocopy to incrementally sync directories from WSL2 to Onedrive's native FS, so incremental copies are fast ( 1 s per 10k files), and OneDrive sync time remains negligible.

It's also useful for snapshotting subdirectories to TGZ for offline or …

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BeeLink SER6 MAX Out-of-Box Bloatware / Spyware / Malware Review

Posted on Tue 10 October 2023 in windows • Tagged with windows pc hardware

I recently set up a new SER6 and reviewed bloatware / spyware / malware prior to connecting to the internet. There were quite a few posts asking about spyware, and given it's competitive price point, I was also a bit suspicious. I usually do a malware review before connecting any new device to the internet.

What I reviewed

  • running processes and their signatures
  • startup apps (Task Manager formerly msconfig)
  • Installed Services
  • Windows Features Enabled
  • Partition Table Review (for malware)
  • Local user accounts
  • Confirm installed hardware components and brands met specifications.
  • BIOS & Windows 11 Secure Boot, TPM & Enhanced Hardware Security settings (see Questionable …
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